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My name is Angelino and I am the Curious Gaijin. The short story is that I’m a Japan-based Creative Entrepreneur:

    • I’m a veteran journalist, writer, and content creator.
    • I produce and direct all sorts of creative media projects.
    • I serve as a mentor across various domains to help people get better at what they do, whether at work, in the creative and performance arts, or in their faith.
    • I’m a speaker when someone invites me to step up to the podium.
    • And apparently, I have an epic beard.


You see, throughout my life, it’s been a blessing to work across a broad range of domains. That has given me the opportunity to do what totally floats my boat – and to get paid for it! Speaking of blessings – I am a man of Faith, so I pray that as you connect with me here on this site or one of my social media channels, you will also be blessed in some way.

As for the blood that courses through my veins, I’m a bit of a mixed bag really. I’m Italian and Dutch, born in Amsterdam, and I grew up in Australia from the age of five.


At the moment, I live and work in country-sea Japan with my bestie and our family: three dogs and a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (two of the dogs and the cocky are rescue pets).

I’m a passionate foodie who loves to cook and travel for great food when I can. My motorbike never stops begging me to get out for a run, and we love bodyboarding at the local beach as often as time and the weather will allow.

Thanks for finding the Curious Gaijin – ME!

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